Monday, October 27, 2008

What About Socialization

This is probably the most asked question we come across as homeschoolers but its also the easiest one to answer.

Lets look at children in the school system, lets look at their socialization. They spend their days sitting in a classroom with other children their own age learning from one single adult for the most part. Sure they have recess when they can actually socialize with others but as most of us know kids in general don't all play together at school. They start at an early age picking their friends and grouping off. Not very often will you see mixed ages hanging out together either.

Now lets look at homeschoolers like our family. We don't sit in a classroom all day with children our own age. We are out living life and exploring the world around us. Almost all homeschool activities and classes we attend do not separate the children by "grade" or ages, its all inclusive which is simply wonderful. There is so much to be learned from one another.

Park days are my most favorite activity and sometimes you'll find us at the park more then at home. Today was a regular bi-weekly park day for us, the kids ranged in ages from 4 years old up to 13 years old and EVERYONE got along perfectly and all hung out together, worked together, played together and shared with one another. Not only do we have the socialization of the children but we have the benefit of the parents as well - more then one adult to learn from and to share with, more then one opinion.

Honestly I could go one about this subject but I won't. I feel I've covered what needs to be said so I'll let you decide if my children aren't getting any real socialization.

If you would like to further explore this issue a simple google search will bring up plenty of reading material.

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Anonymous said...

I hate that socialization question. I think it is so dumb. Today, my children had a great time playing with the neighbor kids who also are homeschooled. The age range was 2-11 but they all had so much fun playing TOGETHER (and including everyone). My kids are also so well-versed in proper etiquette with adult conversation. Maybe my kids aren't socialized with the ability to sit in a desk all day...but there is so much more to life than that!

wahm922 said...

Don't you just love how all ages play together, it really is wonderful :)

Lori said...

i can’t believe people still say this, but gosh darn it, someone said it to me just the other day! i pointed out that kids my son’s age in our local public school get only a few minutes of recess a day *and* they aren’t allowed to speak to each other at lunch. (!) so my kids get .. let’s see .. a LOT more opportunity to socialize than they do. in fact, they socialize pretty much nonstop, if you consider the conversations they have with each other, me, and their father all day long.