Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garden Update

Now that summer is in full swing the garden is drying up and resting until fall. The tomatoes did great and the kids loved picking them and eating them. The cucumbers didn't make it, I figure it was due to the white powdery stuff on the leaves as they would just turn brown and die. The plant kept growing but each new leaf would get the white stuff on it as well. We had a few cucumbers start to develop but DH says it was just to hot for them. We need to start earlier next year.

The watermelon is still hanging in there, it has vined up the cucumber and tomato cages, haven't seen any fruit and not sure if we will. The garden is now being taken over by weeds and grass. I've tried my best to keep up on it but with my eczema and cracked bleeding hands, pulling weeds isn't an easy thing to do. The kids tried to help they really did but we could have used an extra hand.

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